Wilkhahn 2022: YONDA

With "Yonda", Wilkhahn offers a range of shell chairs designed by Neunzig°design, developed for the circular economy and suitable for both living and working environments.

With the new "Yonda" shell chair range, Neunzig°design have adapted a former Wilkhahn bestseller to current and future requirements. This is a reinterpretation of a spacious shell chair originally designed by architect, university lecturer and furniture designer Georg Leowald in the 1950s. The name of the new furniture says it all: "Yonda" is derived from the preposition "beyond". The result is a series that is suitable for both living and working environments and has been developed specifically for the circular economy in its construction, materiality and surface finish, as the seat shells are made of BioComposite. "An important building block for sustainable design is: making more from less. A shell chair like Yonda does that by fusing all the functions of the shell into one form," says Rainer Weckenmann of Neunzig°design about the concept. At the same time, the seat shell appears light and dynamic thanks to the cantilevered, forward-sloping and tapering armrests. Even when not upholstered, they offer pleasant seating comfort, which can be further enhanced by means of a felt pad, integrated seat cushion or complete inner cushion. If desired, the seat cushion can also be designed with a distinctive Y-shaped indentation that refers to the first letter of the program name.