Wilkhahn 2021: INSIT-SCREEN

From a work sofa to a modular, screened-off retreat: the "Insit-Screen" wall elements for Wilkhahn's modular "Insit" bench system can be used to create variable room scenarios.

Modular furniture systems not only offer a wide range of configuration options, but also have the potential for hybrid use. A good example of this is the modular "Insit" bench system from Wilkhahn. The range, designed by Wolfgang C.R. Mezger, has now been extended to include the clip-on wall elements "Insit-Screen". The modular set can be used to realize visual and acoustic shielding, ranging from simple back walls to L-shaped combinations with side walls to U-shaped shielding or C-shaped enclosed "compartments" for two insit benches placed face-to-face. This allows variable spatial scenarios to be realized, such as partial room partitioning, segmentation of seating landscapes, creation of retreat spaces, or a screened meeting booth for video chats. In addition to spatial diversity, "Insit-Screen" also offers a great deal of design scope: for example, in addition to the textile covers from the Wilkhahn collection that are used for upholstering the benches, there is also the cover fabric Hush Stripe 40, which is available in eleven shades.