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Ease of Light

Zumtobel has collaborated with Japanese corporation Nichia to develop the Spectrum technology based on the properties of natural light. The optimized lighting is both easy on the eyes and improves our wellbeing.

For many years now Zumtobel has consistently researched what an immense influence light has on our health, concentration and emotions. With the aim of designing light that is beneficial to people, the firm first developed the concept of “Active Light”: Here the focus is on the connection between people, nature and light. Moreover, “Active Light” meets the need for lighting that keeps pace with the increasing demands of our modern age. The concept not only supports our health and wellbeing but also boosts performance systematically and enduringly. Now in the form of “Zumtobel Spectrum” Zumtobel is going a step further because LED lighting has never really succeeded to date to imitate natural daylight so well. In collaboration with the Japanese corporation Nichia that created LED back in the 1990s the color spectrum of the light diodes has been harmonized as far as possible so that there is markedly less strain on the eyes.

And though the light might not appear to be any different from that of previous LEDs, in practice its improved effect is definitely noticeable: "Zumtobel Spectrum" helps the pupil remain in its natural size and there is less strain on the retina. This has a positive effect on our concentration, our eyes do not tire so quickly and remain relaxed. The developers achieve this effect by taking their cue from daylight: The intensity of the blue wavelengths was reduced and the azure wavelengths increased. The absence of the blue “peaks” ideally satisfies the human need for indoor lighting that is as natural as possible. The first models from the Zumtobel portfolio to boast the new technology will be “LIGHT FIELDS III” and “ECOOS II”. Thanks to the new LED technology Zumtobel and Nichia have created lighting solutions that provide us with the best possible support no matter what we are doing – whether in the office, schools or in healthcare, “Zumtobel Spectrum” perfectly meets our needs in all situations.

ZUMTOBEL SPECTRUM – When invisible matters