Familia Warm large

Familia Warm large
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Product description

The award-winning Family series is able to offer an additional design for cooking and serving with the introduction of the Family Ovenproof Dish. Cooking demands good tools and good craftsmanship in order to enhance the joy of creating food. By simple means the Family Ovenproof Dish is an example of good craftsmanship, which is aesthetic in its appearance and functional because of the distinguished pouring lip. Ole Jensen says: "Everyday items need not be boring. The Family series has been naturally expanded by the inclusion of an ovenproof dish. Every action has its function and appearance. The Family Ovenproof Dish leads my thoughts towards the traditional country kitchen, where things are not so formal. This is a dish that has been made to be used". The Family Ovenproof Dish has rounded edges that retain heat, juices and taste. The practical pouring lip allows juice and liquid to be poured and at the same time gives the oval dish a special character. The Family Ovenproof Dish is made from stoneware and has been created for gatherings, parties, culinary events and for simple everyday meals.

Width340 mm
Height70 mm
Depth295 mm
Colorsshades of brown
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Normann Copenhagen, Denmark

Ole Jensen

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