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Sometimes you have to start all over again. With the launch of Familia, we let bygones be bygones and design a service set like the gods would have created it. Familia is designed by Ole Jensen with a wish to create a design with respect for the ancient tradition, seen in Mesopotamia some 6000 years ago.
The round shapes of the handles and the simple design of the plates is the result of a long product development process where all unnecessary details have been removed. Today Ole Jensen's new design is a greeting to history. Ole Jensen explains:" Today we can more or less buy and design our ideal lifestyle according to our dreams. Conceptions like individuality, single culture and striving to be different are all conspicuous values in the western world. Also in the world of design. I have designed Familia, for get to-gethers and parties - the long table and the great feast. Familia should challenge the conception of the very ideal of the perfect lifestyle. To me Familia expresses a kind of energy, warmth and recognition - values which I believe are also worth striving for." The round shapes, turned on the potter's wheel started in Mesopotamia in the Middle East around 4000 years B.C. The potters turned their first dishes and plates in potter's clay. The potter's wheel later spread to the southern part of Europe where the Romans brought the technique and design with them wherever they went. This way the design spread to the rest of Europe and the first pottery arrived in Denmark around year 100 AD.
Through history the original plates and dishes went through a lot of change in their shape and colours, however, the round shape has survived for more than 6000 years.
Familia is a dinner service created for get to-gathers, for the party, for culinary pleasures and for the simple meal. Familia has been designed with respect for the original. It is the vision about returning to the starting point and create a new design. Familia is tradition from history, launched in a new era - so simple, never boring.

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