Product description

A good kitchen unites. Not just the people who use it, but also the environment. From an apartment or a house comes a home. In a good kitchen, there are personal items alongside the plates, pans and cutlery. It is more than a workspace, more than part of a production process. It is a centre, a reference point, an indication of those who move within it. It is a reflection of its residents.

There’s space here for everything and anything. To have ideas and reject them. To plan a day and then do something different anyway. To stick forty post-its in a recipe book and then simply prepare your favourite meal again. An open kitchen means being able to keep an open mind too.

A special feature of +MODO is the opportunity for free design. The worktop can be staggered over the base cabinets so that it creates a gap on one side, allowing the trays to work to your advantage. A matching overhang is created on the other side.


Poggenpohl, Germany