Product description

A kitchen, which impresses purists with its simple, but effective lines. The handleless surfaces make the carcass into a sculpture, giving it a moulded appearance. The horizontal and vertical lines segment the customisable back wall, providing function and structure. A timeless composition of style and stillness.

Modern life is complicated enough. So it’s good if your own space is deliberately minimalist. Nothing disturbs the flow of your creativity, the path to find yourself, the space you’ve consciously created to be at one with yourself. “When I’m cooking, I don’t switch off – I concentrate, I consciously experience what I am doing. This is a very special kind of focus on myself. It’s actually the greatest luxury you can indulge in – having time and peace for yourself.”

“What others perceive as mundane, I recognise as the peace in which I can lose – and find – myself.“

shades of grey
shades of beige
shades of brown

Poggenpohl, Germany