Product description

Unexpected. Surprising. And yet as if it has always been there. A kitchen which fits into any life and yet stands out due to its uniqueness. Wood, metal, ceramics, hot, cold, smooth, suspended. Hard to put into words, but intuitively understandable, tangible, palpable. A kitchen which can do a lot and will do a lot with you.

People like to stay flexible, move, realign themselves. +VENOVO accompanies you along the way – even opening up new opportunities. It’s a solitaire with great recognition value, a living sculpture that enriches its environment. A new living space is created with a sideboard or cabinet to the same high aesthetic standard.

The kitchen today is more than a kitchen. It is a room, in which everything can – and should – take place. We give you the freedom to develop as you want to. Focussed, exhilarated, alone, in company. It is your kitchen, after all.


Poggenpohl, Germany