Précontraint®, Monumenta 2011

  • Précontraint®, Monumenta 2011
  • Précontraint®, Monumenta 2011
  • Précontraint®, Monumenta 2011
  • Précontraint®, Monumenta 2011
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Product description

The Grand Palais nave's immense volume, flooded with light, accommodates Anish Kapoor's latest work under the auspices of Monumenta 2011. A sculpture based on textile architecture since the artist has imagined a 72,000 m3 monochrome inflatable structur

e made of Serge Ferrari textile. Read on The artist has created an excessively large work, 72 m long, 33 m wide and 32 m high, made up of three interconnected spherical structures. Unique Organic Red with Totally New Visual Characteristics The colour

is of prime importance, of even great importance than the geometry. For "Leviathan", Serge Ferrari teams were mobilised to take up the real chromatic challenge created by the artist: producing a high density organic red, while maintaining the transluce

nt qualities of Précontraint® textile. A seemingly paradoxical requirement that the Serge Ferrari teams met through their experience and measurement tools developed for textile architecture. "Outside, the work appears to be a red wall that is impossib

le to embrace with a single look", explains Jean de Loisy, Monumenta 2011 exhibition commissioner. nside, the Serge Ferrari textile plays with light supplied by the nave's glass roof. The red membrane evokes "blood pulsations, colours that develop and

recede like coloured breathing", adds Jean de Loisy.

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Architect: Anish Kapoor

Serge Ferrari, France