SL 82

Product description

The internationally renowned Hanover-based iF Design Forum subjects submitted products to a total of 12 evaluation criteria, including design quality, processing, material selection and "Universal Design". The Red dot design award is an internationally recognised competition, whose prize, the red dot, is regarded among experts as a true mark of quality and excellent design. With more than 12,000 participants from more than 60 nations, the red dot design award is one of the biggest design competitions in the world. With its new SL 82 folding glass door, Solarlux truly has its finger on the pulse. "A new dimension in design" is the motto of the bifolding door with its all-glass look.

Photo® 1-4, 9: Constantin Meyer for Solarlux
Photo® 5-8: Tom Philippi for Solarlux
Photo® 10: Aloys Kiefer for Solarlux


Solarlux, Germany