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Product description

Gesture is the first chair designed to support our interactions with today's technologies.

Gesture Recognition for the Body
Technology is the single greatest force driving the changes in the way we work, live and behave. The new, multiple devices we deploy throughout our work day allow us to flow between tasks, fluidly, and frequently. Gesture is the first office chair designed to support our interactions with today’s technologies. Inspired by the human body. Created for the way we work today.

A New Sitting Experience
To design a new sitting experience, we stopped looking at chairs and started looking at people. Understanding posture at work and how the body naturally moves caused us to ask, “could a chair act as a system, just like human body?” This question caused us to fundamentally rethink how to design a chair. When we studied the full range of postures at work, we studied three key interfaces between the human body and their chair.

Until now, headrests have largely been an afterthought, but the Gesture headrest is integrated into the design. The design of the Gesture headrest takes into consideration features such as factors head size, neck length and desired range of motion into consideration.
Through this intentional design, the Gesture headrest not only provides comfort and support,  but also offers an unprecedented range of motion. This results in more choice and control over work postures.

Gesture headrest range of motion:
- 15 cm range of height adjustment
- 10 cm of forward and backward pivot movement
- 90° of rotatio

Seat finish with upholstery
Seat functions adjustable seat depth
seat position adjustable
adjustable seat angle
adjustable seat height
Base finish with castors
Backrest finish with back padding
Backrest functions with lumbar support
Armrest finish with armrests
Armrest functions tilting
Functions rotatable
Material steel
textiles (unspecified)
leather (unspecified)
plastics (unspecified)
Colors black

Steelcase, Germany

Steelcase Design Studio

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