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Product description

A real challenge
The challenge for Stûv was to develop a stove that would deliver excellent efficiency while providing an optimal view of the fire, that would be able to operate in slow-burning mode without sooting-up the glass door, and occasionally b

e enjoyed as an open fire.

The solution
A cylindrical stove with three doors revolving around its combustion chamber, allowing an instant changeover from one operation mode to another.

3 functions
The glass door provides a wideangled v

ision of the flames and perfect safety. It's the regular operation mode. 1/3 of a revolution and one obtains an open fire of which only the upper part is behind the glass door (the surest way to avoid back-draughts). Another 1/3 of a revolution brings out

the solid door. Its increased air tightness allows the fire to smoulder through the night. A small rectangular porthole is provided to keep an eye on the red glow of embers and keep the object alive.

The Stûv 30 complies with Europe

an Standards.

The mechanism has obviously been patented.
The Stûv 30 was awarded a silver medal at Eurêka 2000 in Brussels and the President's Prize at the Concours Lépine in Paris 2001.

Stûv design
It was not the least of

their achievements for Stûv designers to have been able to integrate all these functionalities into a stove of such pure lines and formal soberness...

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