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1 Glass door fire
During daytime, the Stûv 30-in and its large curved glass door provides an exceptional view of the flames. It delivers the heating performance of the best wood stoves in complete safety.

2 Open fire
For the eve

nings, the Stûv 30-in transforms in a snatch into an open fire. And one could even enjoy a charcoal grill in the middle of winter !

3 Slow burner
For the night, the glass door is moved to the rear of the hearth and gives way to a sol

id door with increased air tightness that slows down combustion. The fire soon rekindles next morning when the air inlet is re-opened... a Stûv exclusive !

A simple and economical solution Installing a Stûv 30-in is quite straightfo

rward when a recess is available : there is no need for cladding nor hot air outlet mesh, no electrical connections, the hearth easily connects to the flue ; no finishing or decoration work is required. Optional ducts can route hot air to adjacent rooms.<

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High performance
EN tests for the Stûv 30-in revealed that its efficiency is far above European Standards and its toxic emissions far below the required European levels.

An ingenious system
As a rule, a slow-burning f

ire can not smoulder behind a glass door without sooting-up the glass pane in no time at all : in fact they are designed so that some of the air flow would lick the inner face of the glass door to prevent soot from depositing. If one strangles the air int

ake - which is the way to obtain slow burning - nothing will prevent fumes to blacken the pane.
Stûv solved the problem by having the glass door move out of the way when the solid door comes in for the slow-burning mode. This takes but a few se

conds !

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