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Product description

The little brother of the stûv 30
The stûv 30-up is a suspended stove with a smaller combustion chamber. The three doors on the combustion chamber give you the option of using the stove with an open fire, in glass-door fire mode or with t

he door closed. It is the ideal compromise between an open fire and a high-performance stove.

Why a smaller model ?
There is a stove with heating power ideally suited for every room. Stûv has increased its range of stoves to meet the

requirements of different rooms and their position within the house.

Why a wall-suspended model ?
The visible flue is fixed to the ceiling. It helps to distribute the heat throughout the room by convection and contributes to the stove's a

esthetic appeal. The standard flue supplied with the stove can be used with ceiling heights up to 2.9 metres.

Overhead design !
Its reduced size, which frees up floor space, gives this stove a subtle elegance but, as with all stûv st

oves, it is also characterised by strong clear lines thanks to a sophisticated, proven design technique.

Advanced performance and combustion
The stûv 30-up, with a power range from 5 to 9 kW* should achieve efficiency of more than 80

%* and meet the most exacting European standards in terms of CO emissions (anticipated result below 0.12%* of CO, while Belgian standards impose emission levels of below 1%). Stûv is constantly looking for ways to improve combustion to ensure it is

carried out as fully and as cleanly as possible.

Other benefits
The stûv 30-up is based on the ingenious systems which are the cornerstone of the excellent reputation of the last generation of stûv stoves. The glass remains cl

ean thanks to air swept over it, the system has an anti-draughtback device in open fire mode and it is possible to draw fresh air required for combustion from outside of the room.

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