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The new collection designed by This Weber for Team by Wellis can be described as being harmonious and subtle, without flattering decorations. When creating this range of designs, Weber focused on well-balanced proportions. These are aligned mainly to people rather than to space. This may well be the reason why the sofa resembles the Golden Age of Scandinavian design in the fifties. The feet are splayed slightly, which ensures a light and playful appearance. The height of the seat is practical and it is easy for the individual to stand up. The strength of the material of the elegantlyshaped cupboard represents a key element: Its slender sides emphasise the perfect harmony with the 16 by 16 centimetre frame, which is perfectly interpreted by Weber throughout the line. «I wanted to create an elegant living experience », the designer explained. «When you look at my designs, you may get a feel for how my original Swiss design language has been transformed by Scandinavian and Italian influences. »

Width1620 mm
Height620 mm
Depth430 mm
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team'by'wellis ' , Switzerland

This Weber

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