Product description

Clean, straight lines - and not a handle in sight. The great-looking Bellino cabinet stands out from the standard fare. Innovative thinking led the upper, neatly closing mitred drawer being equipped with a ‘tap-to-open' mechanism. This ‘Tip

-on-Automatik' mechanism is actuated by means of discreet chrome-plated metal catches.

The Bellino is a true little gem of a cabinet as much at home in the hall as it is in the bedroom, living room or even the dining room, where it can be used

for storing prized table linen or cutlery.

Until now there has not been any satisfactory way of introducing self-opening draw-ers into furniture with a mitred top. By "mitred", we mean that the top drawer closes to form a neat, flush

joint with the corner edge of the frame. The Tip-On-Automatik mechanism involves a tilting movement, and it took a brainwave on the part of one of the Team by Wellis apprentices to come up with the answer. The idea was refined and a patent applied for. T

he invention is used in all our furniture that features mitred drawers

Height333 - 973 mm
Depth410 mm
Cupboard front finishwith drawers

team'by'wellis ' , Switzerland

Kurt Erni