Product description

Bathrooms containing shower channels not only do away with obstacles people can trip over, they also look spacious and tidy – the ideal solution for both luxury wellness havens and smaller guest bathrooms with restricted space. A narrow, flush-mounted sho

wer channel is all the user sees and feels on the floor. With a particularly wide product range, TECE offers additional options for bathroom design.

The stainless steel channel can be combined with a wide variety of stainless steel grates. The desi

gner is allowed complete freedom of expression with matt or gloss grates in a wide range of designs. Closed covers made of glass and stainless steel are also available. With the TECEdrainline “plate” tileable channel, the shower channel is practically inv

isible. The channel cover is tiled or covered with natural stone, and only a narrow drainage opening remains visible. As a result, the floor has a uniform design – nothing disrupts the appearance of a high-quality floor cover. TECE has developed a special

channel for incorporating large and particularly thick tiles and natural stone slabs. As a result, slabs of any thickness can be fixed to the channel cover.

TECE has a special solution for bathroom refurbishers. The shower channel for subsequent i

nstallation in old buildings has a particularly low assembly height. This drainage solution measures just 95 millimetres. Barrier-free showers can therefore be installed in old buildings with ease.

The TECEdrainline channels made of polished stainl

ess steel have rounded corners and an integrated incline. The channel is easy to clean and particularly hygienic. There are no gaps or screws where germs could collect. For cleaning, the cover is simply removed. The shower channels are available as longit

udinal and corner channels in various standard sizes, and also as custom productions for absolutely every shower situation.

TECE, Germany

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