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In architecture radiators are present as technical components and, as such, are usually neglected from the aesthetic point of view, even though they are among the most important products in the architectural system. So, the first idea that came to my mind was to create a radiator with a very wide surface in order to spread more heat. Furthermore, I wanted to create a radiator that would have the personality of an object and that would fit into the furnishings as an eloquent but discreet presence. I created a system based on a module developed in two directions thanks to four shaped sides that allow further modules to be added on ("add-On") thus creating an infinite radiator.

Width 240 mm / 360 mm / 480 mm / 600 mm / 720 mm / 840 mm / 960 mm
Height 1200 mm / 1440 mm / 1680 mm / 1920 mm / 2160 mm / 2400 mm
Functions connectable
Material steel
Colors white
shades of brown
shades of red

Tubes, Italy

Satyendra Pakhalé

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