Flexible radiator

With "Rift/reverse" Tubes Radiatori has added another horizontal configuration to its modular radiator "Rift". The new design stands out for its minimalist vocabulary, which enables a broad variety of uses.
by Alexander Russ | 4/26/2021

For years Tubes Radiatori has proven again and again that a radiator can be much more than a functional necessity. The Italian entrepreneur has a hybrid approach not only integrating new applications but also unusual design approaches into the development of its products. A prime example of this is the radiator "Rift" that was designed by Ludovica and Roberto Palomba with Matteo Fiorini. It is based on a modular concept that permits a large number of different configurations and provides architects with ample scope when planning. "Rift" can be composed of several modules made of extruded aluminum that can variously be installed horizontally, vertically, parallel to one another, aligned or unaligned. Moreover, Tubes Radiatori also offers a range of accessories including shelves and elements for keeping towels warm or storing other items.

"Rift/reverse" essentially extends the range of practical uses and design options already offered by "Rift". The new horizontal heater doubles up as a heated surface, a shelf that makes for tidiness in the bathroom and fits unobtrusively into its overall surroundings. A handy rail beneath the shelf can also be used to hang towels. The longer version of "Rift/reverse" can be equipped with an organically shaped surface of wood that can be positioned on the wall-mounted shelf. In design terms it offers a contrast to the austere appearance of the radiator while simultaneously creating space for items that should not be heated. "Rift/reverse" comes in an electrically operated version. It is controlled via an inconspicuous on/off switch on the narrow side of the radiator or by means of a wireless thermostat. Thanks to the minimalist design and diverse uses to which it can be put "Rift/reverse" is an excellent choice for a wide range of spatial settings and cuts a fine figure both in boutique hotels or private homes.