Product description

A designer has to send signals, push back boundaries and offer solutions. Dutch designer Ineke Hans not only speaks plainly, she extends this to her designs. The coat stand Corner Guy optimally reflects her approach. Her powerful design resembles somethin

g of a gatekeeper. Corner Guys forms part of the van Esch collection in Goirle. The family business was established in 1972 and specialises in the production of cloakroom systems and hall accessories. ‘I like clear visual images,’ explains Hans. ‘What’s

more, a design has to be functional.’ Both elements are combined in Corner Guy. For this design she was inspired by the racks you often see in the changing rooms of sports clubs and schools. ‘They are kind of iconic; everybody immediately can picture the

m. It is their simplicity that appeals to me.’

Width425 mm
Height1770 mm
Depth425 mm

van Esch, Netherlands

Ineke Hans