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Regardless of whether located in a business premises or in a home, the entrance of a building says a great deal about the people who use it. It is quite striking how over the last few years the differences between the two have become increasingly smaller. Elements of the home can now be found on the work floor and vice versa. After all, everyone simply wants to look their best.

This development can also be seen in the history of van Esch, a family business that is specialized in the production of wardrobe systems and accessories for the entrance (whether in a business or in a home).

Presentation, storage and reception; these are the three cornerstones of van Esch. After all, being well received gives one a sense of first immediately welcome. The layout of the entrance plays an important role in this. It is the place where we present ourselves for the time, the first thing visitors see upon entering a building (home or office). It is also the place where visitors leave their coats and bags.

The Perfect Entrance collection consists of high-quality products reception areas; from wardrobe systems to lockers, from brochure stands to display cases, and from mirrors to side tables. The timeless designs are not only suitable for offices, hospitals, museums and hotels, but also for the home. A number of well-known designers from The Netherlands as well as abroad are in charge of the designs. All products are sold through a worldwide network of dealers.

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