Product description

Mythology tells of an attractive hunter who falls in love with his own reflection. Of a youth who pines away because the reflection fails to respond to his advances. A little poetry. These are the words designer Chris Slutter uses to d

escribe his design Narcissus, named after the same myth. It is not simply a mirror for looking in, he says. Rather a personal gesture, a design with a message. Literally, because a text has been engraved on the wide aluminium frame that can be adapted to

a person's liking on request.

‘I love recognisable shapes,' says Slutter. ‘And a ring is very recognisable.' He is referring to a wedding ring. ‘The inside, on which a text is usually engraved, is protected. The outside is ex

posed to wear.' Narcissus reflects the same image: the inside is shiny, the outside matt. ‘I choose to work materials and to show that the same material can have different looks. ‘Narcissus is not simply a mirror; the wide frame for example me

ans you can place a bunch of keys on it.'

Depth90 mm
Diameter980 mm

van Esch, Netherlands

Chris Slutter