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The possibilities of infinite technology are totally changing the appearance of sinks. Curvy turns are disappearing, lines are becoming more defined and edges are thinner. The infinite material makes cleaning, maintenance and repairs simple and easy. Bath

room sinks are whitened with a special process so that they stay as white and shiny as they were when they were brand new. With the color diversity made possible by the new materials, it is appealing to those who want to follow current trends in the bathr

oom and achieve a unique look. Not only does it give users a warm and delightful tactile experience, but it also offers various sizes. The 80-centimeter bowl sinks put an end to the problem of splashing water, but there are also 40-centimeter sinks for mo

re confined spaces. Elimination of the water overflow hole gives the bathroom an integrated, hygienic look.

These products aren't available in Germany.

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