Presented: Orgatec 2012, Cologne
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Product description

With its combination of a flexible plastic frame, elastic knitted fabric and an integrated synchronizing mechanism, Physix, the new office chair by Alberto Meda, explores the possibilities of dynamic sitting.

Using today’s state of the art materials and production methods, Alberto Meda uses an interplay of three factors to create a new, dynamic sitting experience: a flexible frame construction, an elastic knitted fabric cover and a stabilizing mechanical unit. Physix’s elegant frame takes advantage of modern plastics to achieve flexibility and stability. The organic side profiles, which are made of polyamide, can be deformed in a way that mimics a flexible hinge, following the sitter as he leans back. Meda controls the elasticity of the slender profiles by dividing their cross-section into rigid and flexible zones. The flat armrests of the chair can be deformed in a similar manner.

The single stretch of fabric that is held between the parallel profiles forms the supportive continuum of seat and back. For use in the Physix chair, Alberto Meda and Vitra developed a multithreaded knitted fabric. The fabric is highly stable and its more compact zones provide necessary support in the lumbar area of the back. At the same time, the fabric’s elasticity allows for a three-dimensional deformation of the shell. Thus, the chair’s frame and seat follow the sitter’s movement smoothly in all directions – not only back and forth and sideways, but even diagonally, as the sitter leans back to look over his or her shoulder. With its semi-transparent weave, the knitted fabric also contributes to the visual lightness of the chair and allows for nuanced colour combinations.

Seat finish without upholstery
Base finish with castors
Backrest finish without back padding
Armrest finish with armrests
Functions adjustable
Material textiles (unspecified)
plastics (unspecified)
Colors black

Vitra, Switzerland

Alberto Meda

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