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Product description

Vorwerk presents 23 different borders towards producing individualised bordered rugs that can be combined with broadloom carpets of the Fascination collection (excluding Modena design and Alva design) and with broadloom carpets „Frame“ and „Cover“. This way ‘looks all your own’ can be created that match the widest variety of decorating styles: regardless of whether highly contrasting in terms of colour and material for a trace of extravagance, or set discreetly tone-in-tone to obtain aesthetic harmony. Each bordered rug is manufactured in a rectagonal format in the individually desired size (max. 4 x 6 m). This enables the rug to be adapted perfectly to fit the given spatial situation.

In addition to various colours, you can choose between 3 different materials for the border:

is a material with a velour/leather look, including 12 colours and optional piping, with a visible width of 1.5 or 6 cm.

is the name given to a patterned cotton border in 6 colours, with a visible width of 6 cm.

in a look just like leather in 5 colours with a visible width of 6 cm.

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