SE 68 SU Stackable Chair

Product description

The stacking chair among the multipurpose chairs. Its distinctive shape, the undeniable effect in the room and of course the typical Eiermann seating comfort make the stackable version of the SE 68 one of the greatest in terms of hall seating. Discreet yet with an incredible presence, SE 68 SU develops its different character in all kinds of rooms just as if it were individually designed and developed for just this room, this hall, this building. Regardless of the size of the room, the number of chairs, the type of deployment and use, its colour and design, in every room it seems to have just the impact and expressiveness that transforms the overall composition into this one perfect unity.

4-legged tubular steel frame, chrome plated with plastic glides. Ø 18 × 2 mm. The model is identical to SE 68 but with smaller seat and steeper leg placement to be stackable.

Seat and backrest
Moulded seat and backrest of laminated wood veneer. Backrest support of tubular steel Ø 18 × 2 mm.

Wood model stackable with stacking rubber pads under seat. In upholstered version stackable with stacking board. 8 chairs stackable. With armrests max. 4 chairs stackable.

Welded stable row left, Beech armrests, Writing tablet, Added upholstery, Full upholstery, Silence glides of felt or Teflon, Floor protection glides in natural rubber for stone and parquet

Colors and Materials
Chrome, Matte chrome, Black powder-coated, Black matte powder-coated

Seat and backrest
Natural beech, Natural wallnut, Natural ash, Natural oak, Natural maple, Teak, Stained black, Stained anthracite, Stained greenisch blue, Stained bottle green, Stained broom yellow, Lacquered white, Lacquered black

Advantage, Camira Xtreme plus, synthetic leather

Special colours, coatings and fabrics on request

Seat finishwith upholstery
without upholstery
Height of seat460 mm
Base finishwith legs
Backrest finishwith backrest
without back padding
Armrest finishwith armrests
without armrests
Width430 mm
Height775 mm
Depth480 mm
Weight5 kg
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Wilde + Spieth, Germany

Egon Eiermann