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The new product generation ivo.tec ensures efficient, environ¬mentally friendly energy use, forming an integral component of modern heating technology. In terms of heating comfort, safety and user friendliness - including automatic ash removal and opt

ional automatic cleaning of the heat exchanger - this innovative pellet stove boiler has an unrivalled profile which is destined to set new standards for pellet stoves for home heating. The high heat delivery to water ratio of >90% ensures an unprecede

ntedly high reserve capacity for domestic water use; simultaneously, minimal heat loss in the installation space. The extremely quiet operation is trend-setting and its cleaning and maintenance convenience unrivalled among pellet stoves.
With therma

l output ranging from 3 – 13 kW, ivo.tec fulfils the demands of a variety of households. Additional models with a capacity range depending on requirements, for ex. operation in low energy or passive houses, are in planning. ivo.tec together with sol

ar heating systems and/or controlled ventilation systems permits the realization of a thoroughgoing CO2 neutral heating system for a one or two family house

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