ivo.tec Pellet Tower

Presented:ISH 2011, Frankfurt
Categories: Fireplaces / Heating elementsStoves
Product description

ivo.tec +Tower - this combination of pellet stove and pellet storage in one modular group takes home owners a further step towards having their own independent heat supply. Around 4 fillings of 190 kg wood pellets will cover the annual heat demand of a lo

w-energy or passive house.
Connection to an external conveyor system is no longer required, and structural interventions for pellet silos or feed lines are likewise a thing of the past. Thermal output ranges optionally from 3 to 9 or from 3 to 13 kW.

R>The entire technology residing in a wodtke pellet stove was deve¬loped with a mind to efficient, CO2-neutral wood pellet combustion.
With its inviting view on the flames and direct heat delivery into the room wodtke ivo.tec +Tower will add cosiness a

nd flair to any living space. Its use of inexpensive fuel makes for economy, and the special firebox geometry ensures efficient, low-emission combustion.
wodtke's ivo.tec+Tower combination is available in the two design versions "white" and "black" dec

orative glass.

wodtke ivo.tec +Tower - modular heating with wood pellets.

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Wodtke, Germany