Bitlight Horizontal

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BitLight radiators are enhanced with the horizontal version available in two lenghts 90 and 120 cm . Today along with the traditional version is BIT light 7 cm in thickness making it lighter. Proposed in the water and electrical version. The electrical part is dry, with a thermal efficiency increased by 30%, electronics are integrated and manageable with "fil pilote".

Dynamic, tailored, sustainable: BIT Light "draws" the wall thanks to a rhythmic sequence of lights and shadows generated by slight variations of the surface, by alternating recesses and protrusions a heat origami. Small changes that make a difference. The surface of BIT Light is marked by a sequence of vertical bands generated by small dimensional variations. A sculptural rhythm of "slats" more or less large that determines the overall image of a monolithic radiator made from 100% recycled aluminum. Hence sustainable, customizable because supplied with a primer that can be painted over so that it can be personalized with the desired color, the same color of the wall or in a contrast color.

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Antonio Lupi, Italien

Brian Sironi