Captain Woody’s chair


The Captain’s chair owes its name to its shape, which draws inspiration from yacht helm chairs. Fattorini+Rizzini+Co designed it at the same time as the Marina range.

Their purpose was to create a single Marina picnic table combining a comfort zone with comfortable chairs, alongside a budget zone with attached seating benches. The final result is a shell chair offering unrivalled seating comfort. Its wide shell offers ultimate seating pleasure, even for large or tall people. The chair’s standard colours are black & white, but it is also available on request in other colours. Or add colour yourself by choosing the optional cushion or the upholstered shell.

The Captain’s chair comes in seven different models:

  • the Sliding & High chair with a sled base,
  • the Woody’s & High Woody’s chair with a wooden base,
  • the Paw chair with adjustable feet,
  • the Rolling chair on four castors and
  • the Swivel chair on five castors.
Thanks to this variety of frames the chair can be used in all kinds of environments: public spaces, private homes, indoors, outdoors, etc. It is perfectly suited for terraces, patios, hotels, restaurants, pubs, offices, dining rooms, meeting rooms, bars and lounges, to name but a few possibilities. As the wind can send them rolling away, we would not advise the wheel frame options for outdoor use.
Breite630 mm
Höhe820 mm
Tiefe610 mm
Gewicht1000 kg
Sitzausführungohne Sitzpolster
Unter­gestell­ausführungmit Beinen
Rücken­lehnen­ausführungohne Rückenpolster
Armlehnen­ausführungmit Armlehnen
MaterialPolypropylen (PP)
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Extremis, Belgien