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Desalto S.p.A.

Via per Montesolaro
22063 Cantù (Como)

T: +39 031 7832211
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A constantly evolving story: here, people never stop.

For nearly 30 years, Desalto has spread worldwide an idea of an aesthetically sophisticated product based on constant technical and technological research focused on greater functionality. Thirty years of activity make Desalto a young but also time-honoured brand. Of both dimensions Desalto is titled.

A young spirit capable of combining iconic seating and complements, like graphic signs sketched in the air, with tables as adaptable as everyday life is. But also a story which began in 1990 when the four Orsenigo brothers – the heirs of a metalworking family company – envisaged a rm that would be more in step with the times and, from the very beginning, called on the cooperation of established or up-and-coming designers.

Different visions which engage with the same corporate philosophy that is continually updated through fundamental values of harmony, expressive elegance, clean designs and originality.

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