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Sunset over the Mediterranean. A giant sun settles down on the diffuse line of the horizon filling everything with an intense orange aroma, tempered by the flinty canine silhouette. It seems like a colossal stone dog with his nose sunken in the sea, bewitched, like everyone walking by, due to the beauty of the surrounding. We are in Na Xemena.

Not much happens by chance in life. The strong power of determination and the vision to understand certain facts much earlier than they happen take us to great deeds. José Gandía was clever enough to fi nd a place to build a house on these cliffs and thus achieve a prodigy in the outdoor furniture market. In only a few years, he has overturned the branch in a well-aimed and reformist way of understanding this space in which architecture unfolds and expands into the open air. Landscapes furnished and lighted from a rigorous, essential view, festive, refreshing, and new at the same time. First, there was the series named after the enclave, Na Xemena, by Ramón Esteve, the architect of the cliff house. No other family of outdoor furniture has been celebrated like this in Spain. It invaded swimming pools, gyms, hotel rooms and porches all over the peninsula. Then the door was opened to the international markets and to the work of other authors: Patricia Urquiola, Francesc Rifé, Mario Ruiz. And always with a constant work, recognised with walkabouts, with what he designs himself (Daybed, Chill...): He has conquered our terraces with beds to rest under the sun, geometric canopies and even Indian tents, in a clear argument in favour of the horizontal position, of total relax.
An excellent tribute to good life.
The best architecture has found, finally, a greatally.

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