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via Majorana 26
35010 Cadoneghe (PD)

T: +39 049 702 788
F: +39 049 700 889

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An interpreter of great international designers, thanks to an all-Italian production that combines craftsmanship and automation, essentiality and respect for the environment, Lapalma produces furnishing elements for contemporary living spaces.

The story of Lapalma is one of family, work and above all passion. Intuition, tenacity, know-how and stainless passion, such as metal, a material that the company has been skilfully working with for over forty years, combining it with wood, leather, fabrics and other innovative materials to create furnishing elements with clean, timeless lines.

Lapalma has dedicated a collection of versatile, elegant and extraordinarily comfortable furnishings to contemporary living spaces, which are fluid because they are changing. Unique and systemised furniture, soft and colourful in the variants that personalise each room. Furniture so Italian in its craftsmanship and so open to the essentiality of international design. Collaboration with great designers has resulted in products that are a perfect combination of design and aesthetics: chairs, tables, armchairs and stools - such as the iconic LEM, designed in 2000 by Shin +Tomoko Azumi - have led to the company being fully integrated into major international projects - from hotels to shops, from museums to airports. And it has won several awards.

Workshop, carpentry, upholstery workshop and assembly are the production areas, all inside the company, where the good balance between technology and the human hand gives shape to a proposal that furnishes contemporary living spaces with versatility and elegance. All this is done with great attention to the environment at every stage of the production process: from the design of the products to the selection of the materials used and their disposal.

In June 2019 Lapalma opened its first Milanese address in Piazza Gorani. Not a showroom, but a living, contemporary and digital-oriented space, where products are at the service of people and encounters: Riviera, a place for appointments, activities and a reference point for the creative scene in the city, directed by Simple Flair. In April 2021, next to Riviera, there will be Lapalma for Architects, a place conceived to meet architects and interior designers who wish to customize their projects with Lapalma furniture, to tell them about the peculiarities of the collections, the way of working, the production quality and the reference worlds of Lapalma.

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