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Not a luxury but an unexpected extra: LED-LightLines point the way. Or they emphasize features where nobody expects them. They always fit. Into nature and technology.
In public areas, the LightLines seem like non-material sculptures. On buildings they highlight contours and outline façade and entrance areas. This is both useful and beautiful. The fine lines enclose dirt-trapping floorings, form a frame for wall and floor gratings and are an elegant feature to help people find their way.
This fully encapsulated recessed luminaire scores points in several respects: Since it appears precious because of its homogeneous light without visible LED light points. When properly water proved it will also shine under water – up to a depth of three metres. Furthermore, it has a robust surface and can even be driven over. Whether in a straight or a curved line, the light lines can be shaped to meet any client requirement.

- For public spaces, façade and entry areas
- Straight or curved versions
- Safe to walk and drive on for vehicles with air-filled tires
- Perfect homogeneous light extraction
- Implementation in variable applications from user-friendly small applications to building automation systems
- Light colours monochrome or RGB/multicolour, control panel using corresponding drivers

Light regulationstepless dimmer
Form of protection (DIN 40050)IP40 protection against: solids >1mm
IP68 dust-proof/protection against: submersion
Safety classclass III (protective low voltage)
Width20 mm
Height40 mm

ADO Lights, Germany

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