Presented:imm cologne 2017, Cologne
Categories: Floors CarpetsFormated carpets
Product description

ENSEMBLE, a rug made from 100% silk, features a bold, elegant herringbone design that gives more of an impression of texture than a pattern. Tufted from one weft of close-clipped pile and one weft of bouclé, the di erent lines on the surface result in contrasting light and dark sections that reflect the light in di erent ways: The bouclé reflects the light, providing a sheen, while the clipped pile absorbs it and provides a dark, velvety e ect. The Ensemble rug design also features a special edge: the herringbone design ends with a zigzag border of close-clipped pile. ENSEMBLE can be made to almost any rectangular or square design from one square metre and up, in accordance with the customer’s wishes.

Height6 mm

Christian Fischbacher, Switzerland

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