Presented:imm cologne 2011, Cologne
Categories: Interior accessoriesTable accessoriesBowls / Boxes
Product description

Moon are great translucent bowls looking from both inside and out like double face lunar caps. A sort of lenticular reincarnation of the Dune trays. But if the trays “bear” these bowls “contain”. And what do they contain? A great variety of things - fruit

, sweets, long drinks, salads, "owers and decorative compositions. But !rst and foremost they have that same magic light that DUNE has, that iridescence that shimmers as you look at it. A lunar show of luminous refractions, a table centre or ornament whic

h will always be the dynamic vortex in a room.

Height165 mm
Diameter450 mm
Materialpolycarbonate (PC)
Colorsshades of red
shades of blue
shades of orange
shades of violet
shades of yellow

Kartell, Italy

Mario Bellini