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A unique sound-absorbing screen system that enables you to divide and screen off parts of rooms. Flexible and creative solution – modular and easily rearranged. Using the different panels as building blocks, you create sound-absorbing walls that either stand on the floor or hang from the ceiling.

The panels are available in a number of sizes and colours and can be combined into creative solutions that are unique to your office, school or healthcare environment. Prim room dividers are tailored for ceiling, floor or table assembly enabling you to create large environments with a uniform aesthetic expression. Prim's three-dimensional design gives it a visual impression of weight and stability, despite the lightweight material. The panels' low weight in combination with the neat tubing connector system makes for easy assembly and moving of screen walls, room dividers and desk screens as your office's needs change.

Prim not only provides visual screening; the screens and room dividers also contribute to good office acoustics. Prim is sound-absorbing and meets the requirements of the SS 25269 standard. According to Acoustic Facts, tests show that the product is one of the best sound-absorption performers. Varying combinations screen off, but also allow sound and light to penetrate in a comfortable way.

Kinnarps, Germany

Christian Halleröd

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