Wall and ceiling hung screens enable you to improve your office's acoustic environment in a space-efficient manner. The wall screens can be combined with shelves or a noticeboard and the ceiling screens can be hung differently to give distinct impressions at the office. A perfect symbiosis between form and function.

The Vibe screen series includes a large number of floor, wall, ceiling and desktop screens available in many sizes, colours and designs. The acoustic attributes of the screens enable you to create a quiet, pleasant accent, even in open-space offices. Ceiling and wall hung screens are particularly suitable for space-limited areas as they do not take up any floor or table space. You can create a unique expression with your screens from our range of sizes and colours.

Welcome to the world of Vibe – where you can go your own way.

Kp08 000292 AKp08 000295 AKp08 000482 AKp08 000290 AKp08 000480 AKp08 000474 AKp08 000293 AKp08 000475 AInspiration Vibe Panel2
Kp08 000291 AKp08 000481 AInspiration Vibe PanelsKp08 000476 AInspiration Vibe3Kp08 000296 AKp08 000294 AKp08 000288 AInspiration Vibe Panel4


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