"Nice" by Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodriguez for Fantini

Great Diversity of Colors

Colored faucets – in the mid-1970s, they amounted to a revolution in the market. For Italian design workshop Fantini, they also marked the dawn of a new age in several respects: Their “I Balocchi” mixer, which translates as “the toys”, designed in 1977 together with Davide Mercatali and Paolo Pedrizzetti, represented the company’s entry into the world of design.

Whereas the focus had previously been on how mixers worked best, Fantini made a risky business decision with its brightly colored faucets “I Balocchi”, for which Davide Mercatali and Paolo Pedrizzetti took their inspiration from Pop art and the style of comic illustrations. Their courage paid off: In 1978, they then launched the “Calibro” mixer faucets, this time the brainchild of Mercatali and Pedrizzetti and boasting a ring-shaped lever. At the end of the 1990s, with “Stilo”, Franco Sargiani came up with a new material for Fantini’s faucet levers – colored glass. In 2010, Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodriguez then dreamt up the “Venezia” collection with its elegant, rectangular blocks made of Murano glass which create an amazing sense of depth thanks to the gleaming hues such as cobalt blue, red or white. In 2016, the designer duo followed this up with “Nice”, a puck-like mixer made of methacrylate consisting of translucent discs cut from a cylinder which, boasting a great variety of colors, grace the washstand like jewels.

Fantini is currently busy demonstrating just how many variations metallic surfaces can offer. “After extensively examining contemporary architecture, we investigated the effect of colors, materials and surfaces. As a result of this study, we added a matt black and a satin white with a powder-coated surface to the range and defined the PVD-coated metal surfaces. The PVD coating gives these metallic objects a particular variety of chromatic effects. The unique “Matt Gun Metal” tone consists of a mixture of blue, dark grey and reddish-brown, “Matt Copper” by contrast is a warm coppery bronze hue, a slightly pinkish brown and the third option, “British Gold”, boasts a calm, sophisticated elegance. Since April this year, the new colours "Raw Metal" and "Pure Brass" have also been part of the range. The range is perfectly geared to the stylistic requirements of contemporary design and fits ideally into modern, discerning interiors,” comments Daniela Fantini.

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