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Schellmann Furniture has developed out of Edition Schellmann, which has published art editions - prints, objects, photographic works, and installations - by major international artists since 1969.

In this context, we began in 2006 to produce artists' furniture in limited editions, including objects by Joseph Beuys, Donald Judd, Gerhard Merz, Liam Gillick, and Rachel Whiteread. Concurrently Jörg Schellmann commenced developing his own designs and having them manufactured, initially relying on one-off artisanal techniques. Since 2012, the continually expanding furniture line has been manufactured in small industrial series.

What characterizes Schellmann Furniture? The pieces are simple yet not trivial, use-oriented but not "comfy", unusual but not "original", up-to-date without being fashionable, beautiful without being superficial.
Although their construction and aesthetic are demanding, unusual and in advance of run-of-the-mill furniture production, the pieces are offered at quite normal prices. We view furniture first and foremost as useful objects that should be durable, in terms both of design and practicality.