Ukiyo side table

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Product description

End table with a lightweight steel wire structure, in contrast with the boldly decorated table top, formed using traditional kimono fabrics co-pressed with polyester resin. The design is part of a Moroso research project into accessories and decoration. UKIYO is a well-known 18th-century Japanese concept, linked to Shintoist realism, according to which nothing can remain as it is for long, so that living/remaining alive in each moment is the way to attain eternity, as paradoxical as this might seem. Blossoming is the happiest, most radiant time, in which maximum energy is given off everywhere, although no-one can say whether the newly-blooming flower will still exist a moment later or not. Thus flowers have been the most widely-used decorative motifs ever since the time when all Japanese people wore kimonos.

Length550 mm
Width450 mm
Height400 mm
Diameter420 mm
Weight500 kg
Table finishlegged radial
Table top shaperectangle with rounded corners

Moroso, Italy

Tomita Kazuhiko

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