Arper 2020: ADELL

Arper presents together with Lievore + Altherr Désile Park the collection "Adell". Sustainability and comfort go hand in hand with the new armchair.

With "Adell", Lievore + Altherr Désile Park have designed an armchair for Arper which, thanks to its organic form alone, invites you to take a break: The backrest and seat of the shell merge gently and seamlessly into one another. The upholstery fabric is interwoven with more than 500 fine lines inspired by the annual rings of tree stumps and the pattern on the surface of seashells. Respect for nature is also evident in the choice of material for "Adell": the cover and seat are made predominantly from recycled polypropylene. Likewise, all other materials used can be returned to the cycle after a long service life.

Light, stable and available in both indoor and outdoor versions, "Adell" fits into any context, be it a private living room, a public waiting area or a hip lounge. The seat upholstery, which is available in natural shades from warm white to dark burgundy, is therefore offered in different versions - fixed, removable or as a seat cushion. The base also offers room for individual preferences, so the armchair can stand on four legs or on skids, on wood or metal. The interactive online platform "Arper Virtual Spaces" will also soon offer the opportunity to experience the new collection in a variety of settings. (am)

Adell Collection