Expanding the archetype

AXOR has joined forces with British designers Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby to expand its “AXOR One” bathroom collection. The new products score points for their ingenious technology and timeless design.

“How do you challenge the archetype?” – this is the question Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby asked themselves for the further development of “AXOR One”. The new bathroom collection, which AXOR developed in cooperation with the British design duo, is based on an interactive operating element for the shower from the year 2015 and an accompanying handheld shower head that came on the market in 2017. Now, the brand belonging to the Hansgrohe Group has an entire bathroom collection with supplementary products for sink units, bathtubs and showers in its range, which all respond to the initially posed question with minimalist design and intuitive operation.

The two designers from London gush about “the incredible engineering of AXOR” which, among other things, permits an innovative method of interaction. With the help of the advanced Select technology for the fittings, for example, users can turn the water on or off conveniently with a press of the all-in-one control, while a gentle turn in a clockwise direction is all that’s needed to increase the temperature. What’s more, the “AXOR One thermostatic module” with its large, clearly marked select buttons offers a rapid and direct switch between the different flow types for shower and bath. This, in combination with the large thermostatic handle, makes controlling the temperature and water volume both intuitive and precise. At the same time, the “AXOR One overhead and hand showers” stand out thanks to their flexible arrangement and flow types of Rain and PowderRain. With the “AXOR One Showerpipe”, there is also an all-in-one combination of overhead shower, hand shower, shower bar and wall connector.

The “AXOR One assortment” comprises a total of 31 products, including a one-hole, two-hole and three-hole wash basin fitting, fittings for wall-mounting, and a floor-standing bathtub fitting with a hand shower. All these are perfectly complemented by the “AXOR Universal Circular Accessories” range, which was likewise designed by Barber Osgerby and is the perfect addition to the “AXOR One” collection with wall and shaving mirrors, towel rails, shower shelves and more.

While we’re on the subject of design, “AXOR One” is characterized by slender silhouettes, flat surfaces and soft edges.Here, subtle details are likewise convincing, like the gentle tapering of the fittings to their curved ends. At the same time, the individual elements are perfectly tailored to one another and are available with the surfaces Chrome, Matt Black, or bespoke “AXOR FinishPlus” surfaces. This way, the new collection scores lots of points not only for its technology, but also with a holistic design language that gives the fixtures, showers and accessories a timeless appearance while skillfully tackling the challenge of the new archetype.