Fragile work of art

The “AXOR MyEdition” competition has been decided. It was won by architect and interior designer Katrin Engl whose design addresses the beauty and fragility of nature.
In times of COVID-19, where carefree travel is no longer a matter of course, places of desire serve for an expedition in thought. This is precisely where the AXOR Places campaign comes in: certain materials awaken memories of our personal places of longing. These can then be visualised on the support plate of the "AXOR MyEdition" collection, for example. The “AXOR MyEdition” mixer is comprised of a body and a cover plate and can be fashioned from a combination of 15 “AXOR FinishPlus PVD surfaces" and exclusive “AXOR signature materials" such as metal, wood, marble or leather.

However, with the support of material specialists on-site, individual surfaces can also be produced to meet personal wishes. To demonstrate the immense creative potential behind the concept the brand asked various designers and architects to talk about their personal dream destinations, the places they yearn for, and to incorporate the stories attached to them into the design of “AXOR MyEdition”. For example, Icelandic designer Sigurdur Thorsteinsson added a piece of lava stone to the mixer that brings to the bathroom that mystic, otherworldly quality of Iceland with its winding rivers, vast expanses of scree, crevasses, and gigantic glaciers.

The fact that the island of fire and ice is also a source of inspiration for other designers is demonstrated by the result of a Germany-wide competition AXOR held in connection with the “AXOR MyEdition” collection. The competition gave architects, interior designers, designers, and bathroom planners alike the chance to design their own cover plate and submit it as a competition entry. Naturally, the story behind the theme also played a role and in the case of the winning entry by Augsburg-based architect and interior designer Katrin Engl the narrative also cited Iceland. During the summer months the enthusiastic photographer traveled around the island in a VW bus and explored its natural, unspoiled beauty, which included experiencing the famous Northern Lights. The underlying theme for the design of her “AXOR MyEdition” mixer shows nature from its most fragile side: a photograph taken at the Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon, near the so-called "Diamond Beach" in the south of Iceland. Here majestic icebergs that are up to 1,000 years old meet black volcanic sand and the raw force of the Atlantic. The icebergs originate from the Breiðamerkurjökull, a glacier tongue extending out from one of Europe’s largest glaciers, namely Vatnajökull. The interplay of water, stone and ice alters the look and nature of the place over and over again. The melting icebergs are transformed into shimmering sculptures scattered over the beach and that Katrin Engl captured in impressive images.

The design that addresses the beauty and fragility of nature left a lasting impression on jury members: “Katrin Engl succeeds with her “AXOR MyEdition” competition entry in combining several themes that resonate with the AXOR brand: The fascination for water, a sensitivity to the beauty of nature, and a clear, extraordinary design that is both refreshing and attractive,” Franziska von Schumann, Stylepark Board member says of the design. Similarly, Stefan Hoske, Senior Consultant Architecture and Design at AXOR emphasizes the successful reference to the topic of water: “As I see it we have found a worthy winner in designer Katrin Engl, who succeeded in incorporating impressions of Iceland into the mxier. The topic of water in every shape and form is omnipresent at AXOR and has concerned us for over 25 years. As such, for me the frozen ice relief coverplate on the AXOR MyEdition by Katrin Engl provides the perfect association. When you enter the bathroom the impressions from the enchanting world of Iceland will be evoked.”

Andreas Diefenbach, Managing Partner of Phoenix Design emphasizes the philosophical component of Katrin Engl’s concept: “Some argue that form is the expansion of content. Water can be fluid, gaseous or frozen, as in this case. While flowing water is fascinating on account of its mutability, while in its solid state water fascinates us through the magic momentum of a frozen liveliness. The interpretation of both aggregate states in their interaction coupled with an attractive Iceland story enrich the product.” Anke Sohn, Head of Global Brand Marketing at AXOR particularly praises the creative quality of the design: “Katrin Engl’s entry is persuasive owing to its inspiring design which successfully combines the daily ritual in the bathroom with a place she personally remembers. The masterfully coordinated color range of her cover plate shows in an exemplary manner how sophisticated the design of “AXOR MyEdition” can be.” Incidentally, the architect and interior designer won an “AXOR MyEdition” mixer from the current range and can choose from over 225 different combinations. It will be exciting to see what design she chooses in this instance.

Katrin Engl

Apart from completing a degree in architecture in Augsburg Katrin Engl also gained a Master’s in Interior Architecture in Stuttgart. Today, she works largely as an interior designer and has a wide project portfolio spanning the areas of hospitality, catering, doctors’ surgeries, office fit outs and private homes. Her second passion is photography and she gains much of her inspiration for this while on vacation.