Tom Lloyd and Luke Pearson

Transformation with style

With its “Ports” design line, the duo Pearson Lloyd has crafted multifunctional products for Bene that work both individually and as an ensemble.
by Anna Moldenhauer | 9/16/2020

Transparency, flexibility, dynamism – buzzwords that set the standard for a democratic work culture. Modern management is all about agile working, free of rigid hierarchies, and individual offices which only serve to inhibit and intimidate staffers. In the form of Ports for Bene, London-based designer duo Pearson Lloyd has created a new design line that is already underpinned by the concept of agile working. “Collaboration is at the heart of Ports,” says Tom Lloyd. Three modules form the basis of the line: Ports Lounge, Ports Table and Ports Storage. Each element is designed to be multifunctional and works both individually and in combination with the others. With the options offered by the Ports Sofa and Ports Lounge Chairs with panels and swivel tables, plus the Ports Active Chair with its integrated height and seat angle settings, seating areas can be assembled as required with different zones.

The Ports Table is also height-adjustable. For the team sitting together for a meeting or individuals withdrawing into the booth-like setting of a Lounge Chair for greater concentration, mobile phones can be charged within easy reach on a wireless charging surface. If the work requires the larger surface of the Ports Table, then this can be equipped with additional hidden features: From the Plug Box to a Power Box on the underside of the table, which boasts four power sockets, to the cable outlet, various options are possible. A particularly nice feature is the addition of the Power Tray, which is fitted onto the cable outlet and offers a charging surface as well as power and USB outlets contained within small metal cylinders. Produced from veneered shaped wood, the Power Tray is also a winner in aesthetic terms.

Ports Storage, meanwhile, is the most flexible item in the ensemble: Frames of differing heights form the basic structure, into which shelving and cupboard elements can be incorporated to create individual furniture items. From a sideboard to a room divider and from a cloakroom to a storage unit – the variations are endless. There is a broad selection of veneers, from maple to oak to walnut, which creates scope for individual ideas in both the material and the color. In addition, the Ports Storage Element can also incorporate fixtures for hanging whiteboards, pinboards, screens, etc. The flexible Ports design line by Tom Lloyd & Luke Pearson also works beyond the modern office: With the variable elements, a vast number of different room structures can be created – be it for retail, hospitality, or waiting areas in an airport.

Ports Power Tray