"BetteEve" rectangular

Bette 2021: BETTEEVE

Dominik Tesseraux has created the "BetteEve" bathtub series for Bette, which focuses on the craftsmanship of the specialist for bathing elements with its elliptical inner body and is extremely comfortable for bathers.

Soft transitions between the rim of the bathtub and the inner body, glazed titanium steel and space for two: "BetteEve" by designer Dominik Tesseraux for Bette leaves nothing to be desired in his creation for relaxation in the bathtub. The organic shape of the ellipse creates two focal points and also offers plenty of space for two bathers on 180 x 100 centimetres. The central drain and the symmetrical back slopes provide extra comfort. Meanwhile, the glazed titanium steel, which despite its robustness results in fine curves and seamless transitions thanks to Bette's craftsmanship, is pleasing to the eye. For individual charm, there is also a choice of around 400 colours for "BetteEve". Depending on the architecture of the room, the collection offers a choice between the variant as a free-standing bathtub, oval or rectangular built-in bathtub. (am)