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An energetic bond

Concentration and collaboration: In BuzziSpace, this company found the ideal partner for the interior of its headquarters in Hanover.

They say that all changes begin in the mind. At Getec in Hanover it begins first and foremost with an appealing working environment. The energy supplier for industry and the real estate sector, which specializes in green and innovative solutions, had its headquarters redesigned by the office interior design company Kontor. The client’s wish was for the interior to reflect its corporate values.

The redesign process is key here: Because the team is continually evolving on the back of the challenges the work presents, its specific needs are particularly important. Accordingly, these were taken into consideration in the refit, which created an environment that encourages teamwork and creative thought processes. “With and in the premises of Getec's netzwerkstatt, we learn from the market changes to apply the new methodologies in project work and to involve the customer and our employees in this development,” says Lena Eckroth from Getec. For this reason, the office was designed with close collaboration with customers in mind.

In order to create the right environment for each and every requirement in the development process and in consultation with the clients, three functional zones were set up: one for concentrated work, a space for interactive presentations, and an area for creative work. Here, choices were helped by the office furniture expert BuzziSpace, which for collaborative work processes recommended for example, alongside lounge-type upholstered furniture, large desks and benches from its “BuzziPicNic” range. Colorful stools from the “BuzziMilk” and “BuzziCube” ranges, as well as “BuzziBag XL” beanbags provide relaxed seating. There is an informal living room character, not just thanks to the large sofa. The suspended luminaires “BuzziShade” and “BuzziLight Mono” are a source of pleasant ambient lighting and also enhance the acoustics.

As an open space, the room next to it provides several staff members with an area for focused and quiet work. Therefore, levels of background noise level had to be taken into consideration all the more here. To this end, textile desk partitions from the “BuzziSplit” range were utilized, while “BuzziFalls” dividers that imitate a birch forest also provide added privacy.

For Kontor, the deciding factor in its collaboration with BuzziSpace was the expertise of the Belgian company, which has a portfolio brimming with special product solutions for “new working”. As Rüdiger Herwy from Kontor confirms: “We chose BuzziSpace because we were able to develop innovative and creative solutions to our concept. The materials and shapes create the desired overall picture”. High-quality solid wood, felt luminaires that enhance the acoustics, and lively color accents create an interior, in which a company is pleased to welcome customers. (mh)