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Preferably at a distance

The "BuzziTripl" collection from Buzzispace boasts attractively designed partitions that provide safe, practical ideas for each and every any work setting situation in the Coronavirus age.
by Anna Moldenhauer | 6/16/2020

A lot of tidying up is going on in offices right now: Desks are being shifted and turned around to ensure the necessary distance is maintained between employees. Often the results look not unlike a building site – and what with wobbly Perspex partitions and routes marked out with red and white barrier tape workspaces are quickly losing their cozy feel. That said, better solutions are available such as the “BuzziTripl” Collection from Buzzispace. The Belgian manufacturer offers a whole range of products for keeping desks apart and dividing up available space, ideas that are as practical as they are attractive. For example, mounted directly on the table-top “BuzziTripl Desk” not only ensures there is a safe distance between colleagues but also improves office acoustics thanks to the material that Buzzispace purpose.-developed for such tasks; made of three layers of recycled PET “BuzziFelt” – noticeably reduces noise in the room. What’s more, as notes can be pinned to it, the divider doubles up as a bulletin board.

Instead of separating two desks at the side or front using “BuzziTripl Desk”, with “BuzziTripl Wrap Desk” a desk can be transformed into a protected workspace with relatively little effort: Its curving screen wrap around your desktop creating a cocoon sensation that fosters your concentration while simultaneously helping you observe the current distancing regulations. Moreover, you can personalize your panel by choosing from various designs and many bright colors. Alternatively, if the task is to completely enclose both front and sides while providing a higher partition, it’s worth taking a look at “BuzziWrap Front Desk”: With a generous front panel it transforms any standard desk into a private retreat while also concealing the tangled cables that are usually to be found behind it. There are also options for those working from home: Ideal choices are easily movable panels like “BuzziTripl Home Low” for those wanting to create a temporary office quickly and simply, say on a kitchen table. Or use the room divider “BuzziTripl Home High” to separate off part of the room in an attractive manner. And as for video calls: Buzzispace products also afford better acoustics at home. What’s more, when the division is no longer needed, it can be folded up flat and put away.

"BuzziTripl Desk Split"
"BuzziTripl Desk" & "BuzziTripl Desk Split"