On stilts: Chalet at Mont Sainte-Anne in Québec, Canada.


Architecture studio Delordinaire has built a slender, modern chalet in a Canadian skiing area.

Houses on stilts are one of the very oldest forms of dwelling and evidence of them can be found far back in early history. The buildings were constructed on lakes or marshy ground; the elevated mode of construction offered protection from water, enemies and wild animals. Architecture studio Delordinaire, with head offices in Paris and Montreal, has transferred this building style to the mountains of Québec, on the slopes of Mont Sainte-Anne, where the architects have built a chalet on stilts. This enables them to create a protected outdoor seating area complete with wood-fired oven beneath the house proper, which offers protection from the elements even in winter. The elevated, slender “High House” with its characteristic saddle roof is clad all round in white steel panels, which render it almost invisible in the snow-covered landscape despite its exposed location. From the inside, the residents can enjoy an unspoiled view of the expanse of the landscape. (fap)