Sculpture in motion

For the new table and reading lamp series “Gioia”, Occhio writes a new chapter of its story of clear design language and delight in movement: The result: sculptures of light that offer impressive mobility and smart functions.
by Anika Paulus | 12/8/2022

Light is about more than illumination – it creates living spaces, moods, and atmosphere. “We make people the lighting designers of their own living spaces and enrich their quality of life through good light,” explains Axel Meise, designer and founder of Occhio. A luminaire line that is consistent in terms of the high quality of the design and the lighting – and offers the optimal solution for every spatial requirement: That has always been the design credo of this longstanding company. The luminaires by the Munich-based manufacturer boast a unique symbiosis of attention to detail and quality design. “By this we mean the aesthetics of the outer shape, the look and feel of the surfaces, the attention to detail in the execution and, last but not least, the functionality in the handling,” says the designer.

Freely poised

The “Gioia” series of luminaires by Axel Meise fits seamlessly into the lineage of the company’s products and yet opens a new chapter in Occhio’s design history: The sculptural design of the “Gioia equilibrio” results in new, exciting figures in every position, and this flagship of the collection can be moved almost freely in all directions around and up or down – without any resistance at all. This means the light is always aimed at precisely where it is needed. The characteristic ring-shaped lamp head with its recess seems to dance on the body, and yet the complex mechanism that makes this fascinating dynamic possible remains completely hidden from the viewer’s eye. The powerful light of the “Gioia equilibrio” is switched, dimmed, or directed from bottom to top with simple hand movements, without any need to touch the lamp head. The color of the light can also be intuitively adjusted in this way, with the color temperature range extending from 2700 to 4000 Kelvin so it can be selected to ideally match the time of day. “With its combination of design and innovation, the almost weightless movement, and the ease with which you can direct the light with simple gestures, ‘Gioia’ creates an almost magical lighting experience,” says the designer. What is more, two other models have recently joined the “Gioia” family: the table lamp “Gioia tavolo”, complete with an articulated arm, and the powerful room and reading lamp “Gioia lettura”.

It is recurring elements, surfaces, and shapes that make up the harmonious, uniform Occhio design language. For the design of the “Gioia” models, for example, customers can choose from any of the Occhio surface finishes. And thanks to the standard “Occhio air” Bluetooth control, it is also possible to manage your luminaires in the room via an app.